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Learn To Fly

Learning to fly is so much fun! What better way to learn than in the comforts of a Storch or for the more speed inclined the Texan. There are a number of flying schools in Australia utilising the Texan and Storch for training.

Did you know that training on the Texan and Storch are hours-accredited to those wishing to do a PPL or CPL? All our schools have a range of tuition options and packages to suit your needs.

Looking for a plane to hire? Our planes are also available for hire to suitably qualified pilots. . We have experienced pilots at hand to teach the first timer in our aircraft, which in some cases may require a couple of lessons. Our planes are fitted with cockpit heating and radios and always maintained by a LAME or a level 2 Engineer.

For hire rates or other information and conditions please check out their web sites and details:


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